Sunflower Fundraising Company

Sunflower fundraising has partnered with local small businesses, offering a variety of their products along with our own baking & dip mixes for the use of fundraising. These Kansas made products include gifts, seasonal items, treats, pup favorites and household essentials. We believe in "Give Local -  Buy Local" to create successful and meaningful fundraising campaigns. 
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Sunflower Fundraising Company Kansas City Hot Cocoa

Temporarily out of stock.

This milk chocolate creamy goodness warms the heart. Sip and enjoy!

Sunflower Fundraising Company Roscoe's Dog Treat Mix

Bring the family together to make tasty dog treats that will keep your dog begging for more. They're good enough for you and me but made for your furry friend! Comes with dog bone cookie cutter.

Sunflower Fundraising Company Old Fashioned Ale Bread MIx

A quick and easy bread that is dense with a soft center making it a supreme addition to any meal. Otherwise known as beer bread. Add a teaspoon of Italian seasoning & a handful of cheese for a new flavor.

Sunflower Fundraising Company Cinnamon Sugar Blondie Mix

Quick to mix up, these delicious, decadent and chewy bars have a crackly cinnamon sugar topping. These are a crowd-pleasing top seller!

Sunflower Fundraising Company Sparkling Sugar Cookie Mix

This soft cookie with a SPARKLING sugar crunch is the perfect nostalgic sugar cookie.

Sunflower Fundraising Company French Onion Dip Mix

Comes with two packages of French Onion Dip Mix. Simply mix one package of dip with 16 oz of sour cream, cover and let sit in the refrigerator for one hour minimum (up to 24 hours) & you'll have a delicious crowd-pleasing dip!

Sunflower Fundraising Company Hot Cocoa Cheesecake Dip Mix

If you love hot cocoa, this quick and easy dip is a cool creamy version that is rich in chocolate and good all year round! Enjoy dipping with fruit, graham crackers, marshmallows, pound cake or pretzels.

Sunflower Fundraising Company Chris Cakes Pancake Mix

Chris Cakes multi-grain pancake mix is two pounds of our own secret blend. We can assure you that only the finest ingredients go into this recipe. Not only can you make tasty flapjacks with this mix, but we've also provided more recipes on the back of the bag!

Sunflower Fundraising Company Santa Box

This box includes Sparkling Sugar Cookie mix, KC Vanilla, KC Hot Cocoa and Reindeer Food. Bake cookies for Santa using locally made vanilla, enjoy some hot cocoa and don't forget to sprinkle reindeer food before the kids head off to bed!