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11th Lane Roastery & Blessed Bees, Lotion Bars

Lotion in a convenient bar form, easy to rub into your skin and great for sensitive skin. Made from locally harvested beeswax and leaves your skin and hands grease free unlike other lotions.

NET WT 1.25oz

11th Lane Roastery & Blessed Bees, Soap Bars

Soaps made with our own locally harvested beeswax and honey.

These soap bars are available in 4 different scents, Green Tea, Oatmeal , Coffee , and Lemon.

11th Lane Roastery & Blessed Bees, Lip Balm

These lip balms are made with locally harvested beeswax to be able to keep you lips feeling hydrated.

Available in Mango, Peach, Mint, and Unflavored.

Sarah Jane's LLC - Rocket Fuel Salsa 16 oz

Launch your taste buds into fiery flavor town! The carolina reaper measures in at over 2 million Scoville heat units and is officially the world’s hottest pepper. It gives our Rocket Fuel salsa a sweet and fruity flavor with exceptional heat. Is it hot? Absolutely. You will dip your chip again, the flavor is amazing! Gluten Free.

Sarah Jane's LLC - Jalapeno Jelly 8 oz

A delicious sweet and spicy appetizer with cream cheese and crackers. Makes a wonderful glaze for your ham. Try it on a peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwich. The only complaint we’ve ever received about our jalapeno jelly is they can’t stop eating it! Gluten Free.

Sarah Jane's LLC - Jalapeno Relish 16 oz

You can’t go wrong with our authentic Southern, sweet, and slightly spicy jalapeno relish a.k.a. cowboy candy. Fabulous on your salmon, beans, bratwurst, hamburger or taco. Delicious in cornbread batter, potato salad or deviled eggs. Mix it with whipped cream cheese for a yummy dip. Heck, it’s great in a bloody mary too! Gluten Free.