Snaxsun Wheat Snack Bundle (Travel Jar)

Whole grain goodness in a great tasting snack!

This bundle buy includes 1 travel jar of each of the following flavors (5 jars total): Smoked Bacon, Cool Ranch, Lightly Salted, Slo-Smoked BBQ and Original (unsalted). Each a 5 oz. serving in a conveniently capped jar.

Snaxsun contains no cholesterol and has low saturated fat. This wheat snack also makes a wonderful addition to salads and baked potatoes!
Manufacturer: Wheatland Foods Inc.

About Wheatland Foods

Hays, Kansas

Snaxsun was developed in the early 1990’s and is sold nationally in grocery stores, gift shops and restaurants.  Our company takes pride in using only premium wheat. Containing no cholesterol and with low saturated fat, Snaxsun makes a healthy and flavorful addition to salads, baked potatoes and more. Enjoy the light crunchy texture of Snaxsun! 

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