Sarah Jane's LLC - Rocket Fuel Salsa 16 oz

Launch your taste buds into fiery flavor town! The carolina reaper measures in at over 2 million Scoville heat units and is officially the world’s hottest pepper. It gives our Rocket Fuel salsa a sweet and fruity flavor with exceptional heat. Is it hot? Absolutely. You will dip your chip again, the flavor is amazing! Gluten Free.
Manufacturer: Sarah Jane's LLC

Sarah Jane's LLC

Argonia, Kansas

Sarah Jane’s creates a variety of gourmet jarred products, delicious frozen take and bake meals and also serves lunch at their shop on Main Street in Argonia. Sarah Jane’s is dedicated to creating intense gourmet flavors with locally sourced ingredients. When you purchase their products you are not only supporting local growers but also a Kansas family with inspirations of fantastic food and living life without regrets.

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