Marian Vavra Wheat Art: Jewelry

If the art piece is already made, it will be mailed out in two to three days. If the piece needs to be handmade, Marian will need one to three weeks. Marian will be in communication with the customer through email, text, or phone during this time.

Plaited Bracelet: Straw bracelets are fun to wear and can be made with a variety of plaits. This bracelet is beautifully made using the tallest straw from the field ~ six exceptionally long straws without the wheat heads. The six-straw fill-the-gap plait is the method of moving these straws into their positions with every turn. When plaited, the two ends of the plait are carefully tied together and finished with cotton pearl thread.
Material - Hand-cut Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat
Size - The inside diameter is approximately 2⅝” with a little give when slipping the bracelet on. The outside diameter varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 3½” w x 5”- 6”h cardstock for packaging.

Plaited Earrings: Straw earrings are fun to wear as they are lightweight, full of movement and a way to showcase wheat with various beads. The plaits use three to six straws per earring. The earrings in the photo show ceramic white beads with green and lavender flowers. The earrings are finished with fishhooks and clutches. Marian will work with the customer on other beads and jewelry finding options.
Material - Hand-cut Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat, glass, wooden, metal beads
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 2¾” w x 3¾”h cardstock for packaging.
Manufacturer: Marian Vavra Wheat Art

About Marian Vavra Wheat Art

Rose Hill, Kansas

Marian SyWassink Vavra gathers and artistically works with wheat. During the beginning of June every year, Marian cuts the first harvest from the bountiful Kansas wheat fields, doing so a week to ten days before the wheat is ready for the farmers to combine. She uses a hand-held sickle to cut heirloom Turkey Red and Larned wheat varieties along with the newest production varieties from her garden and area farms. Sundried, cleaned and sorted, the golden wheat is ready to use.

From this wheat she creates traditional and contemporary straw art, specializing in sacred religious symbols. Marian creates harvest symbols, love tokens, house blessings, ornaments, jewelry, crosses, and much more. She is available for commissioned artwork, group presentations and hands-on projects. And, she works with families to design memorial art from the last wheat harvests of their loved ones.

In 2016, Marian published her book Celebrating the Cross: The Sanctuary Crosses of Marian SyWassink Vavra. Woven into this colorful, photograph-filled book are the stories and inspiration for the design of nine masterpiece crosses. It is also a comprehensive how-to, technique filled book with instructions and illustrations so others can recreate her art and make their own.

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