Duck Salt

Duck Salt is an all-purpose seasoning with an outstanding flavor that makes it a perfect “secret ingredient” in kitchens across America.
Manufacturer: Duck Nuts

Duck Nuts

Louisburg, Kansas

Duck Salt was founded in 2011 by Matt Deighton after a devastating F5 tornado destroyed his hometown of Greensburg, KS. Matt worked for many years perfecting his recipe and in 2019 Duck Nuts were created using his famous Duck Salt seasoning which resulted in what we think are the best peanuts in the world. “There are no rules, Just Duck It” was his famous tagline and we’re proud to continue on his tradition of bringing folks a little bit of joy in every bite!

Sadly, our friend passed away on February 28, 2022 and we made a promise to his family to keep Duck Salt going. We are excited to continue this journey and hope you find our products as enjoyable as so many others do!  We truly thank you for your support and we are proud to be a Louisburg based company!

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