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Spring Creek Bee Farm Spun Flavored Honey

Spun Honey is pure honey that has been allowed to naturally crystallize. Spring Creek Bee and Honey Farm manage the crystallization process by spinning or whipping the honey. The crystals are small and round making the honey smooth and creamy. Choose from a variety of 11.5-ounce Spun Honey Jars today. Their unique flavors will have your taste buds bouncing. They offer $10 flat rate shipping whether you buy 1 jar or 12 jars. So make sure to grab one for your friend, too!


Chipotle is flavored with chipotle peppers

Cinnamon is flavored with cinnamon

Hatch is flavored with green hatch peppers.

Lemon Ginger is flavored with natural lemon juice and ginger

Orange Cream is flavored natural orange juice and vanilla

Tangerine is flavored with natural tangerine juice