Barbeque Sauce

Mild & Sassy Barbeque Sauce: This delicious, sweet and flavorful sauce brings an explosion of flavor in your every bite. Whether it be for dipping your potatoes chips in, to topping a pulled pork sandwich, you won't be disappointed, Use on any type of meats to add a beautiful glaze finish.
Hot & Sassy Barbeque Sauce: The same sweet flavor of the Mild & Sassy, but has a little kick to it. Want to take your baked beans to another level, add some Hot & Sassy Sauce to your mix and then bake them to perfection! Use as a base for a Barebeque Chicken Pizza. It also makes a great dipping sauce.
Extra Hot & Sassy: This can be used for anything and everything, just know that it will take you on a heat wave. Gives a good amount of heat but still allows you to taste the delicious flavor of the sauce. Throw it on some BBQ Nachos, or put a spoonful on top of your baked potatoes.

The options are endless with these Sassy Sauces.
Manufacturer: Spice It Up LLC

About Spice it Up, LLC

Bonner Springs, Kansas

We are a small business located in Bonner Springs, Ks. Right now we attend vendor events and local farmers markets to sell our products as well as having a Facebook page. We make homemade BBQ Sauce and Meat Rubs! From our Mild & Sassy to our Super Hot & Sassy Sauce, we have plenty of options to meet your needs. We are a small business that is still growing and adding more products. Our products are fully produced in Kansas by us and have been tested and approved by K-State as being shelf stable. We are based in Kansas but we do offer shipping all over the US.

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