Welcome to the From the Land of Kansas Marketplace

Welcome to the From the Land of Kansas Marketplace.  Explore to find many amazing Kansas products.

The From the Land of Kansas program works to promote and support Kansas farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses that grow, raise or manufacture agriculture products or products for agriculture use. To find out more about the program, please explore the main site at www.fromthelandofkansas.com.

For new recipes featuring Kansas products or produce, visit the recipe blog.

Featured products

Natural S'Wheat Flour

White Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour made from hard white wheat is flavor-rich, naturally sweet and golden amber in color. Used in baked goods such as breads, tortillas, or pizza crust. Combines the healthy benefits of wheat fiber with a mild flavor.

A farmer owned cooperative milling flour since 2003 located in New Cambria, KS to meet all of your baking needs.

**Special price of $4.95! Regular price is $7.95**

Holiday Gift Boxes

The Konza Gift Box: ($25)
Bring the beauty of the Konza prairie home for the holidays with these one of a kind Kansas made products. Your gift includes products from across the state: a hand crafted chocolate sunflower from The Sweet Granada, mustard from Grannie's Homemade Mustard, Wright Enterprise's sunflower oil, meat sticks from R Family Farms, and Twisted Pepper's baked potato soup. Feel the joy of supporting local Kansas businesses as you enjoy the holidays.

The Ad Astra Gift Box: ($50) SOLD OUT FOR 2020

For orders larger than 10, please contact fromthelandofkansas@ks.gov for an order form.

Please note, boxes can NOT be delivered to P.O. Boxes. For multiple shipping addresses, please place each order separately.

Twisted Pepper Dip Mix

Jalapeno Cheddar Dip Mix
It's a fabulous flavorful combination, using the right amount of jalapenos! Use as seasoning for stuffed jalapenos, mashed or twice baked potatoes, mix in ground beef for better tasting hamburgers, and party pinwheels.

Texas Enchilada Dip Mix
The ultimate Mexican flavor explosion! Serve as hot dip or cold dip. Makes great enchilada sauce. Make party pinwheels or southwest pasta dishes!

Tex-Mex Dip Mix
Texas chiles and New Mexico chiles make this dip "tongue tingling good!" Use to make taco meat instead of store bought taco seasonings, spice up soups, creamy pastas... be creative!

Chipotle Chile Dip Mix
The taste of fresh roasted chipotle peppers from New Mexico make this a perfect party dip. Spice up cheese or bean dips or ranch dressing! Great for making a southwest pasta dish.

2021 KANSAS! Calendar

The KANSAS! calendar showcases the vibrantly, stunning beauty the Sunflower State holds within its border. Each month highlights exquisite images of Kansas from some of the best photographers around our state. This calendar reminds you of your favorite place every day of the year. (Price of calendar includes shipping)

Golden Prairie Honey Farms: Honey

You are about to enjoy genuine Kansas honey. This honey is PURE, RAW and UNFILTERED. It is provided to you by our nation’s heroes; Veterans finding new purpose in a not-for-profit farm training program. Every cent from the sale of this honey sustains their training.
Support Veterans in Farming!

Black Dog Salsas

The Salsa is a blend of fresh tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, hot peppers and spices for a mild heat.

The Peach Salsa is a blend of fresh peaches, tomatoes, onions, sweet and hot peppers and spices for sweeter mild tasting salsa.

Each jar is 16 oz.


Honey Mustard: This is one of Grannie's favorite mustards and one of her best sellers. A hint of sweetness blended with Grannie's tasty mustard.
Sweet & Tangy Mustard: Grannie's Sweet & Tangy is the next best thing to Heaven. If you don't like mustard you've got to try this. Grannie say's you can whip up a tatter salad with this and you will be the talk of the picnic.
Ole Smokee Mustard: "Ole Smokee" is like being around a bar-b-que or campfire with friends or family. This is a wonderful mustard to use to get a great smoke flavor with your meal.
Horseradish Mustard: Grannie's "Horseradish" can give you a little zing. You can use this on almost anything to give it a zip. Try it on a grilled cheese sandwich.
Jalapeno Mustard: Grannie's three step "Jalapeno" will put a kick into your taste buds. Three steps later and boom it grabs you! Our Jalapeno is unique, it takes a while for it to kick in but does not linger.
Hickory Mustard: Grannie's Hickory have a taste of this and you'll think that you've gone down South. It has a touch of Hickory with a southern spicy flavor.
Habanero Mustard: Grannie's Habanero flavor adds an extra punch to whatever you use it for. If you like an extra zing to enhance that sandwich, this is the mustard for you.
Chipotle Mustard: Grannie's Chipotle gives you that taste of chili with a little bit of zip.
Ranch Mustard: With all the ruckus about ranch dressing these days, you might ask who would have thought of Ranch mustard. Well, Kim Young did. Grannie's granddaughter Kim outdid herself with this new dressing from the folks at Grannies Homemade Mustard. You need to try it on your next salad or a dip on your party tray.

Each package is 10 oz.

Bug Off Lotion Stick

This stick does double duty!! Naturally repels bugs and moisturizes at the same time. Great for the whole family, all natural and kid friendly. Say NO to the chemicals and YES to Bug Off!

Happy Feet Moisturizing Stick

A peppermint and lavender foot stick that you apply before bedtime! Great for callouses, dry, tired feet. Come on...make your feet happy!

Dry Meat Rub & BBQ Sauce Combo 4-Pack

Choose two rubs and two barbeque sauces:

Mild & Sassy Dry Rub: Sweet and Savory blend of fresh spices that will caramelize perfectly on any type of meat, fish, or poultry. It is not just for meats! Makes a great seasoning for stir fry, or grilled vegetables. Sprinkle over fresh popcorn for a quick and tasty snack.

Hot & Sassy Dry Rub: This Dry Rub has the same great flavors as the Mild, but we turned up the heat a bit. Sprinkle over some freshly made deviled eggs to add a little extra flavor. Use to make quick and easy Crock-pot Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Mix a couple tablespoon of rub in with a glass of Apple Juice and let your Pork Loin cook on low until done. Shred and use one of our Sassy Sauce as a final touch.

Mild & Sassy Barbeque Sauce: This delicious, sweet and flavorful sauce brings an explosion of flavor in your every bite. Whether it be for dipping your potatoes chips in, to topping a pulled pork sandwich, you won't be disappointed, Use on any type of meats to add a beautiful glaze finish.

Hot & Sassy Barbeque Sauce: The same sweet flavor of the Mild & Sassy, but has a little kick to it. Want to take your baked beans to another level, add some Hot & Sassy Sauce to your mix and then bake them to perfection! Use as a base for a Barebeque Chicken Pizza. It also makes a great dipping sauce.

Extra Hot & Sassy: This can be used for anything and everything, just know that it will take you on a heat wave. Gives a good amount of heat but still allows you to taste the delicious flavor of the sauce. Throw it on some BBQ Nachos, or put a spoonful on top of your baked potatoes.

Let It Rise Bread Mixes - 2 for $14!

Buy 2 for $14!
Let it Rise in Hays, Kansas
Easy to make bread - just add a can of beer or soda.

Sunflower Oil

Cold pressed sunflower oil made fresh on the farm that is high in vitamin E. "The healthiest oil made the healthiest way from our farm to your table."

RemeBees Shampoo Bar

Morning Light Shampoo Bar – Rosemary
This exclusive shampoo bar will surprise with its creamy, gentle foam! Our shampoo bar is made with Morning Light Kombucha, which is a small Native American owned brewery out of Hoyt, Kansas and enriched with raw cow’s milk, raw, local honey and essential oils.

Morning Light Booch Shampoo Bar – Grapefruit
This exclusive shampoo bar will surprise with its creamy, gentle foam! Our shampoo bar is made with Morning Light Kombucha, which is a small Native American owned brewery out of Hoyt, Kansas and enriched with raw cow’s milk, raw, local honey and essential oils.

Morning Light Booch Shampoo Bar - Lavender
This exclusive shampoo bar will surprise with its creamy, gentle foam! Our shampoo bar is made with Morning Light Kombucha, which is a small Native American owned brewery out of Hoyt, Kansas and enriched with raw cow’s milk, raw, local honey and essential oils.

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